WEB 2.0 -nice name but what's the deal?

The idea behind this new buzzword Web 2.0 is great and I think this is ultimately the right direction for development. But there are two things in the way that most seem to approach this new buzzword that I'd like to comment.

Lets get the Web 2.0 right

World usability day

I did my part (with the support of my dear fellows at Aisti) for the World usability day by writing and article about the benefits of usability design to www.rekaksois.com, a website that gives news on what's happening in the field of Finnish web design.
(Sorry, the article is only in Finnish)

Read the article: Käytettävyys on laatua (usability is quality)

The elements of user experience, great reading

Finished reading The elements of user experience by Jesse James Gareth few weeks ago

The book explains in a clear way all the "elements" related to user-centered designs and goes through different design and planning phases. It's short and delightful to read.

If you're interested at all about user-centered design, I really do recommend this one for you

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